"Their innovative value engineering ideas for the Centennial Park West Project generated substantial savings and helped put the project within budget"

S. Brent Reid
President & CEO
Winter Construction


CD Mechanical will immediately add value to the project team once brought aboard. The experienced preconstruction team can aid with the conceptual design and continue right through the completion of final drawings. The historical data we have gathered over the years allows us to prepare detailed, accurate, line item HVAC estimates early in the design process. This will allow our clients to have an affordable mechanical system that is guaranteed to be within the budget set forth in the early design phase.

» Component Selections - We will help select the equipment, materials, and control systems that will meet your needs while remaining within your budget.

» Code Compliance - We will be sure the drawings meet all the national, state and local codes. Non-compliance can cause surprise change orders, time delays and re-doing other trades work after the mechanical deficiency has been fixed.

» Life Cycle Cost Analysis - This will give you the information required to make a decision on saving initial cost or investing in a longer life cycle mechanical system.

» Operating Expense Analysis - We will complete a detailed study on how much it will cost to operate your system. This will help you make an informed decision as to which mechanical system will best meet your needs.



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